Artificial Grass

Residential Turf Applications

Have Green Living Services create the perfect lawn for you: A lawn that will never need watering, weeding, feeding or MOWING!!

Enjoy your yard and never worry about kids, pets, pools and traffic harming your lawn. Our artificial grass is tough enough to handle it all.

Our Premium Artificial Grass has an eight year factory warranty against ultraviolet degradation, however, the average life expectancy is fifteen to twenty years.

artificial grass residential

Commercial Turf Applications

Our Artificial Grass is great for many different commercial applications. Many day cares and schools have installed our turf for use around playgrounds, swing sets and bike paths. Our turf is designed for tough play. Football, soccer and baseball fields have all used our artificial grass instead of real grass. We have installed our turf in high traffic areas of commercial office buildings.

artificial grass commercial

Turf for Pets

The majority of synthetic turf owners are pet owners.

No more reseeding or replacing sod to remove unsightly brown patches.

With our Fresh Fill installed in the grass the ammonia in pet urine is neutralized and the odor is eliminated naturally.

For solid waste simply pick up as you normally would and hose down the area. If needed brush the turf back into its original state.

artificial grass pets

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is it for my kids?
Not only is it safe but the turf eliminates allergies. Research also shows that children have fewer injuries when playing on turf compared to other ground covers. We install turf at schools and daycares in addition to private homes. Our turf meets state requirements for safety.
Will the weather affect the turf?
We install the turf in the mountains where rain and snow drain very well with no flooding issues. Wind is also not a worry since the turf is secured with six inch spikes. As you know our Southwest sun can get very hot, so during midday direct sun, the grass may feel hot to the touch. The grass however does not retain heat like rock does. The turf can easily take even the hottest direct sunlight without damage providing there isn’t any strong reflection or sun magnification.
Are weeds a problem?
Periodically a weed will try to come up most commonly on an edge or near concrete. Rarely one might pop up in a drain hole. If a weed does pop up simply pull up the weed and you can spray a little weed killer on it to help prevent them from coming up again.
What kind of maintenance is required for your artificial grass?
Periodically we suggest leaf blowing the turf to get rid of dust and debris. In traffic areas use a rake or stiff broom to help refluff the turf. We also offer maintenance contracts for artificial grass too!


Fresh Fill

Fresh Fill is 100% organic, non toxic, and safe for kids and pets. Let Us show you how it works!

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